Posted on 02-Aug-2020

Sutton & Wawne Old School Museum and Family History Centre

Sorry folks, the news is not good. Our Museum will now have to remain closed for the foreseeable future. It seems now that we are not winning this battle at all. The next 'hoped for' proposed re-opening date was the Battle of Britain weekend, in mid September. But the chances of that being achievable is receeding now - almost by the hour. The new rule that masks will have to be worn, by staff and visitors alike, in all museums and galleries, most certainly will also apply to us.

So we have no date in mind now for 2020. This year is effectively lost. We have to be realistic, and given scientific guidance that some entertainment venues may have to close to enable schools to return shows us that we are in deep, deep trouble when matters descend to such terrible and invidious choices by those in authority.

For us, I think we are looking at not just the New Year, post Christmas as normal, but more realistically, we're now in serious danger of not re-opening until next March.

I know that such a proposal will disappoint a great many, both volunteers who have given so much, as well as visitors and local supporters. In particular, I'm thinking of our founders and all those original volunteers.

Stay safe everyone, and until we meet again .. .. All the best to Everyone, wherever in the world you are, from all of us at the Sutton & Wawne Museum.
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